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Whether you own a home and are looking for a property manager in Georgia or you moving here and need to find a place to buy, Rainmaker Management Group is here to help. We specialize in assisting military personnel and their families with finding tenants and maintaining their home. As Veterans and Military Family Members we are familiar with the stresses of deployments and military life. 

Thank You!

First, we would like to say Thank You for your commitment and service for our wonderful country. We truly could not enjoy the freedom and joy that the United States has to offer without people like you.

Georgia Property Management

Communication: Between different time zones and work schedules, it can be hard knowing exactly what’s going on with your investment. This is why our property management team is committed to keeping you in the loop while you are away. With 24 / 7 online account access and quick responses to your questions, you will know what is going on with your investment at all times.

Maintenance: You don’t have to think about coming home and finding that your property is falling apart due to deferred maintenance. We understand the value of a well maintained property. Not only does it help maintain and even increase value, but a well maintained investment also encourages tenants to stay longer. When working with us, you not only get the benefit of a well maintained home but you also know that we are doing everything we can to keep your property rented to great quality tenants.

Easy Finances: No need to wonder when the rent check will come in the mail. Rainmaker Management Group will deposit your rent proceeds directly into the bank account of your choice each month and also send you a monthly statement detailing any expenses.  We can manage your investment’s finances so you don’t have to, and the best part is that you have access to all of your financial records at a click of a button. From downloading invoices to financial reports, we have made it even easier to manage your investment while you are away.

Sales Assistance

We offer programs to help Owners sell their property with the least amount of lost rent.

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